What do Google and Facebook know about you?

google knows...


  1. Don’t you keep the contact info of everyone you know in Google Contacts? Or do you sync with Apple’s garden of servers? You know, everyone’s cell phone numbers and home addresses? Maybe you even categorized your contacts into family, friends and coworkers?
  2. What about your correspondence? Isn’t every email you have written in this millennium sent and read in Gmail?
  3. When you watch a video, how often is it on YouTube?
  4. Do you keep your data synced in Google Drive? Or do you keep a copy of your documents, photos and music in apple crates all nicely distributed to your latest eye candy?
  5. Here’s a good one. Does Google know when and where you will physically be or whom you’ll be meeting with amongst the aforementioned folks and new acquaintances because most of your life is scheduled in Google Calendar? For how far in advance do you tell the computer what you’re going be up to?
  6. Does Google know who you talked to and what you say because you never disabled the chat history in Gchat?
  7. Does anyone need to be reminded of where they scoured the cyberspace last?


Facebook knows...


  1. …knows all about who you’re friends with, who’s your mom and dad as well as the rest of your family tree.
  2. …has all the pictures other people take of you
  3. …comes to the events you attend… and brings your friends.
  4. …remembers all the conversations you’ve ever had with your friends since college… or high school. How old is the youngest blue face today?
  5. …probably knows all about your sex. And ex.
  6. …when your favorite day of the year is… something about being born. And were that went down!
  7. …was at your college parties and remembers what you majored in.
  8. …you two must’ve shared your most epic high school stories.
  9. …do you share, lol, your major life events with the blue man group?
  10. …oh and do you drop pins when you’re at that cool new spot?
  11. Is 10 enough for now, or should this be extended?


LinkedIn has your resume for sale to anyone all the time at any time. How cool is that?